Putting Writing First

Posted Oct 6 2018

My schedule at work has been changed this year, making it possible for me to write before I go to work without having to get up too early in the morning. So far, the change has been great for my writing. Sitting down at the computer after just a cup of coffee and a quick scan of the front page of the newspaper means that I’m still half asleep when I start writing. That allows me to tap into something like a dream state. Not only do scenes and dialogue come to me more easily, but the pictures I see in my mind are richer, more filled with colors, tastes, and smells to make my writing richer, too. Plus it just feels good to know I’ve done my writing before my day really starts.

Despite its obvious benefits, however, writing first thing in the morning has a downside, too. When the writing is going well, it is very hard to pull myself away and do what needs to be done before I leave the house. I haven’t quite been late to work yet, but some days it’s been close. Another problem is that when I do get to the office, I sometimes feel as if I’ve already done a day’s work, and I am always exhausted by the end of the day, which makes writing in the evening anymore almost impossible. Luckily, I can use that time to catch up on my email, read blogs, and sometimes even spend some time with the family!

I’ve always envied the dedicated souls who could get up at 5 a.m. to write, and I still do, but for those of us who find that more of a challenge, I’d strongly recommend getting up even half an hour earlier (my schedule change was only an hour) to see if putting writing first in your day makes as much of a positive difference for you as it has for me.

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