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Posted Oct 6 2018

I don’t know how Club 100 started. I do know you can’t find it on Google (or at least I couldn’t). I also know that it’s changed my writing life, so I thought I’d explain how it works, in hopes that you can either link up with an existing Club 100 loop or start one of your own.

The basic principle behind Club 100 is that if you write 100 words a day for 100 days, you’ll have 10,000 words written toward your book. My Club 100 loop is more flexible than that. We let everyone set their own daily minimum of words written or time put in on revisions and other writing-related stuff. We also let people decide how many days a week they have to write, or if they can take random days off when they need a break or life intervenes (that’s what I do). We have an email loop and report in on how we’re doing, cheer everyone’s progress, support each other through dry spells and other hard times, and celebrate each other’s 100 days and other successes.

One important point — the 100 words or whatever number you set is a MINIMUM. Writing more is strongly encouraged. But once you sit down and write that first 100 (or whatever), writing more can be amazingly easy.

If you belong to a chapter of RWA®, ask around to see if your chapter already has a Club 100. If not, see if people are interested in starting one. Even if you don’t belong to an RWA® chapter, you can start a Club 100 with your writing friends. Two or three is enough at the beginning, and you can recruit more members later. Then choose a moderator, set up a email loop, and start writing.

Even if you have to start alone, the discipline of setting daily goals and tracking how well you do will be a big boost to your writing. At the risk of sounding like an infomercial, try Club 100. You’ll be glad you did.

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