Another Turn in the Trail – and How Having an Agent is Different

Posted Oct 6 2018

Found out this week that after a major revise-and-resubmit, my target publisher passed on the story I sent them almost two years ago. Not what I’d hoped to hear (I was expecting another revise-and-resubmit), but still not as painful as it could have been. That might gave been because it had been so long since I originally sent it in, or because I’m in the final stages of making the major revisions my agent suggested on my Golden Heart® story, so I had something else shiny, if not exactly new, to focus on.

Or it might have been because I do have an agent, which made this rejection different from all (and I do mean all) the previous one. First, I found out about it not via a hard copy letter that arrived with the rejected ms., but via a sympathetic email from my agent, who was already thinking about where to send it next. Second, both his email and the hard copy letter that arrived a couple of days later referred to his conversation with the editor and the fact that she is now expecting to see my revised GH® story as soon as my agent says it’s ready.

But the most likely reason was that when my agent let me know where he’d sent the rejected story next, it was at another top publisher, which means he still has faith in me and in my story. That boost got me past the rejection in record time. I think my agent just earned a big piece of his 15%.

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