A Writer’s Most Important New Year’s Resolution

Posted Oct 6 2018

As I’ve chronicled here, my writing world has changed enormously in the last year. Partly that was because “Games Without Rules” was a finalist in the series contemporary category of the 2010 Golden Heart®. Being a finalist not only brought me new opportunities, but also a whole boatload of new writing friends in the other GH finalists. Even after all the GH hoopla was over, another of my stories, “The Christmas Pony”, won two major contests, garnering me requests for the full manuscript from an agent and an editor.

The thing is, I’ve won contests before. (In fact, I’ve won both of the two I won this year before.) I’ve had editors request full manuscripts before. (In fact, I’ve had the same editor request a full manuscript before.) And, while this was my first year as a GH finalist, I didn’t win “the big one.” While wonderful, the contest finals, the wins, the requests would probably not have changed how I see my writing and myself as a writer without one other vital element.

January 1, 2010, I sat at the dining table in a rented apartment in Paris and began my first day as a member of the Club 100 loop of my local RWA® chapter, Midwest Fiction Writers. In the past year, because of Club 100, I have written a minimum of 100 words or edited at least an hour everyday each of almost 300 days (with heavy travel days, heavy work days, and an occasional sick day off). In that time I’ve produced all of “The Christmas Pony”, a short novella, and most of a second novel; I’ve also made major revisions to “Games Without Rules” and a requested partial of a fantasy novel. In short, I’ve become a (semi-) professional writer (and made another batch of wonderful new writer friends), all because of Club 100.

You can do the same. Set yourself daily goals, decide how many days a week or month you can commit to your writing, and get started.

The most important thing is that tomorrow morning you can sit down in your workspace and change your writing life, one 100-word day at a time.

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