Books by Nancy Holland

Games Without Rules

Jake Carlyle and Meredith Ellsworth both hedge their bets on whether their marriage is based on convenience or love. They quickly learn that games played in the boardroom can spill over into the bedroom, and that trust is as important to a good marriage as the undeniable passion between them.

Right Here in River City

Julie Cooper has been fleeing dark memories of small town life ever since she left home for college. Yet here she is, stuck in a wide spot in the road with the unlikely name of River City, Minnesota. To make things worse, the local police chief seems intent on making her life as miserable as possible.

With his only patrolman out sick and his teen-aged niece still grieving over her parents' deaths, Merle Braddock has no time for a city girl who can't even keep her car in running condition. He tries to avoid the dangerously attractive stranger, but a stray dog, a burned-out rock star and a thunderstorm conspire to ignite a passionate love between them that changes everything.


In a world of warfare and wandering, Thalgor, a warrior who serves his people, captures Erwyn, a witch who serves her magic. Mutual distrust battles mutual attraction until she flees his camp, but he follows and she finally accepts that he is her fate, despite his refusal to love. Together they work to bring peace to their people. When that dream is threatened by a vicious foe, Erwyn must choose between Thalgor and her magic. Their warriors win the battle, but Thalgor is badly wounded. Dying, he finally confesses his love. Only with help from an unexpected source is she able to save his life--and their dream of peace.